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ThinK big – print big

3D printing is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Our aim is to push the limits in the size of models and the use of new material composites based on polymers or cement.


Countour crafting head

  • cementious concrete
  • tilting system
  • injecting an accelerator

PEllet Head

  • Thermoplastics (pellets) and polymer concrete
  • Screw extruder
  • hopper
  • dosing device
  • powerful stepper motor with planetary gearbox
  • special heating cartridges
  • chamber heating zones
  • end nozzle

Filament Head

  • thermoplastics (strings)
  • stepper motor
  • hotend with cooler
  • feeding device
  • filament pass counter
  • air cooling line system
  • thermistors
  • heating cartridges


Design and realization of large-scale models

Prototype production of models for which commonly available 3D printers are small.


  • Plastic (PLA, ABS)
  • The mixture of plastic and concrete 
  • Concrete


Do you need to create a series of products with different parameters? Are these parameters constantly changing? We will create software for you, where you can change only these parameters and print immediately. Customizing your production will get a new dimension.

Who we are?

We are a university spin-off from the Brno University of Technology. Our mission is transfer the advanced technologies related to additive manufacturing and 3D printing to industry. We provide services and produce hardware for 3D printing from plastic, concrete and other innovative materials. We strive to use recycled materials and incorporate 3D printing technology as a tool for circular economy. Another direction we can provide to our customers is nonplanar 3D printing, which is able to create high-volume objects in real time.


3Deposition s.r.o.

Vnitřní 443/8

602 00, Brno

Czech Republic

IČ: 09773053

DIČ: CZ09773053

bank (CZK): 123-3148210227/0100


+420 731 302 605

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