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ThinK big – print big

XL 3D printing is one of the fastest-growing industries. Let us guide you through changing paradigm of industrial manufacturing and design. Our expertise will be your advantage.

XL 3DP  |  LFAM  |  3DCP  |  robotic 3DP

What we do:

Robotic 3D printing cells – integration of technologies

Building custom extruders

Coding nonconventional Slicers for robotic fabrication in Grasshopper

Fabrication aware design of product for mass customization

Comercial XL 3D printing services 


We have experience with materials:

  • Plastic (PLA, PET-G)

  • The mixture of plastic and concrete 

  • Concrete mortars 


Do you need to create a series of products with different parameters? Are these parameters constantly changing? We will create software for you, where you can change only these parameters and print immediately. Customizing your production will get a new dimension.

Who we are?

We are a university spin-off from the Brno University of Technology. Our mission is transfer the advanced technologies related to additive manufacturing and 3D printing to industry. We provide services and produce hardware for 3D printing from plastic, concrete and other innovative materials. We strive to use recycled materials and incorporate 3D printing technology as a tool for circular economy.

3Deposition is a pioneer in implementing large-scale 3D printing technology into practice in the Czech Republic. We are developers, creatives and integrators of automation technologies related to robotic 3D printing aimed at creative industries focused on manufacturing products in design, architecture and art.
We believed in the potential of large-scale 3D printing in 2015, and for the next five years we devoted ourselves to the development and research of technologies that would allow us to rapidly develop the covering of industrial equipment using direct digital production of large-scale parts without the need for mold production. We also collaborated with sculptors and architects, and in 2020 we decided to establish 3Deposition as an employee spin-off of Brno University of Technology. One of the first projects that we implemented thanks to our know-how was the first Parkour playground in the world made with the help of 3D concrete printing. We are able to support and implement ambitious projects in the field of large-scale 3D printing. We are suppliers of robotic 3D printing cells, customized extruders and related HW and SW. If you are planning to start with large-scale 3D printing, or if you are asking for its implementation, we are here for you.


3Deposition s.r.o.

Vnitřní 443/8

602 00, Brno

Czech Republic

IČ: 09773053

DIČ: CZ09773053

bank (CZK): 123-3148210227/0100


+420 731 302 605

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